Neo Fly Box

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"So glad this Box is waterproof...I stood out in the rain for hours and all my dry flies...well...stayed dry 👍🏼" -Jenny
Jenny using the neo fly box
  • SILICONE INSERT holds the flies tightly and secure better than foam
  • 212 HOLES in a double-sided case helps you carry more flies
  • POCKET-SIZED and lightweight at 6.2x3.9x1.5 in
  • 100% WATERPROOF to Keep your flies dry in this fly box and 100% Floatable so you have nothing to worry about if it falls into water
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY! We give high priority to customer satisfaction and we make sure that our products are high-quality

The Neo Fly Box provide high quality silicone insert. The silicone is a much better material compared to foam because it keeps its shape through time. A regular foam, however, usually loses its density. This means that the silicone insert will keep your flies more tightly and securely for a longer period of time.

The Neo Fly Box is one of the best choices for keeping all your flies in one place. It is pocket-sized and lightweight which makes it easier to carry around during your fishing trips, making it accessible and hassle-free at the same time.

Kevin Irish - Neo Fly Box"This Neo Fly Box is sturdy as a rock. That silicon insert is gonna make my life easier 👌" -Kevin Irish

With it’s double-sided feature and 212 holes, you can carry a lot more flies in this small box. No more multiple boxes and difficulty in opening them because you can have all the flies you need in one little box.

The Neo Fly Box is sturdy and reliable. It is made of materials resistant to impact, chemicals and heat that gives the best protection for your flies all year round. The case is also 100% waterproof and floatable so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water and losing it or having your flies damaged.

With the amazing features of the Neo Fly Box, this surely is your next fishing trip essential.