What is Fly Fishing?

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What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing, an angling technique in which artificial flies are used to catch fish and it can be done in salt or fresh water. These artificial flies are cast with a rod and a line, known as fly rod and fly line respectively. These fly lines nowadays almost coated with plastic and heavy enough to propel the fly to the target fish. Fly fishermen use flies that look a lot like natural bait fish, invertebrates, other food organisms or lures to incite the fish to bite at the fly. Fly fishing is totally different from the spin or bait fishing as in fly fishing, the weight of the fly line carries the hook through the air!!

Why Flies are So Light Weight?

The fly is lightweight because they are prepared from fastening hair, feathers, fur or other materials like synthetic or natural. And, the other reason is that it's typically supposed to represent tiny and frequently lightweight like a small fish, a small larva, an insect or shrimp. The first fly was joined with natural material but nowadays synthetic materials are popular and prevalent if compare to natural ones. Flies can represent all types of insects and sometimes other kinds of eatable items such as bread or even plant seeds. Flies can also sink and swim like fish.

Types of Artificial Flies Used in Fly Fishing

Artificial flies are of several types. Some replicating an insect either flying or swimming, some of them are bait fish or crustacean, others flies are known to attract fish and they look like nothing in nature. Flies can be ready either to float or to sink and can be of size 30 cm long; most are between 1 and 5 cm. Flies are tied in colors, sizes & patterns to match sea insects, baitfish or other flies to the target fish.

Why Call It Flies?

Some flies actually look like ordinary flies but the most of them looks like other flying insects like beetles, sedges, mayflies and many more. They are also made to look like submarine insects like larvae and nymphs of different insects, cress bugs and even worms and leeches. When fly fishing is done in saltwater then it makes little sense to replicate flying insects since most of the food in the ocean is swimming underwater.

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