Introducing your child to Fly Fishing

Introducing your child to Fly Fishing

Children are naturals when it comes to fishing and they delight in the idea of catching a fish and having bragging rights as to who caught the bigger fish. You can get your child interested in fly fishing by making it fun, above all. Fly fishing is inherently a family oriented sport and all you need to determine is when your child is ready to enjoy the sport.

Learning how to tie flies is a great way to introduce children to fly fishing. It is the same as doing any other fun craft activity and the idea that they will use their creations to land a fish is even more exciting. Flies like Woolly worms, are fun and a great activity to start your child’s flyfishing adventure. Fly tying, however, does require a fair amount of patience both on the part of the child and the parent. Check for flytying classes in your area that are age appropriate for your child.

Take your child on a fly fishing outing even if you don't think he or she is quite ready to do the actual fishing. Bring along related fun puzzles and activities to keep your child occupied just in case boredom sets in. Allow the child to help with casting and other safe activities that are involved in fly fishing. It won't be long before your child will want to get his or her own gear and participate fully.

Books make wonderful gifts for kids and introducing your children to fly fishing through books is very effective in getting kids interested in flyfishing. There are several Fly fishing Basics books for kids which are written in plain and fun language.   In addition to books, having a ready supply of puzzles, games, videos and coloring pages related to fly fishing will be sure to peak your child's interest.

Fly fishing gifts like age appropriate rods, reels, ties and tackle should be considered for birthdays and special occasions. A colorful vest, sun glasses and other flyfishing accessories are all good choices. Once your child is outfitted, show him the basics of fly fishing. This can be done in a small pond or stream or even in the backyard pool before venturing out for the real thing.

Introducing your child to fly fishing is a gratifying experience for you and the kids. Kids are naturally attracted to animals and are mesmerized by the wonders of nature which makes flyfishing a natural fit. The experience of actually going on a fly fishing excursion with the whole family is perhaps the ultimate thrill for a child. Always keep in mind that even though you may be a fly fishing enthusiast, your child may not turn out to be one. Patience, fun and loving exposure to fly fishing should be your ultimate goal.

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