How Fishing Makes You a Better Person

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How Fishing Makes You a Better Person

Fishing is considered one of the most attainable outdoor sports which a person of any age can participate in. Initially it was considered to be an activity meant for young age group of boys but now we can see people of all groups enjoying and relishing the fun of fishing. We can see old aged people sitting by sea side and enjoying fishing. It is considered to be very mind relaxing and is good for physical fitness too. Fishing is practiced in almost all part of the world. Many times we hear people going in groups on Sundays for fishing and we can observe that even women are getting involved in fishing now.

Fishing add up to the benefits in your life by following ways

1. Good Source of Nutrition

Fish is considered a low calorie high protein brain food which contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are needed by human body for healthy living. Not all the people who go out fishing keep the fishes with them but few people who do keep have bonus benefits from them. It lowers down the risk of heart failure and blood pressure.

2. Fishing Helps In Physical Fitness

There are many fishing spots which require various activities such as paddling, hiking and biking to reach to the particular destination. These all activities add up to the physical fitness of an individual. Going out for fishing without even doing any physical efforts is helpful for the relaxation of mind which is a good start for healthy life.

3. Fishing Helps To Reduce Stress

Fishing is considered to be a great activity for reducing the mental stress. When you are practicing fishing you have to be present with complete mind set and observe what fishes are doing and how they can be caught. The gentle lap of water waves proves to be great in relieving the mental stress. This activity of fishing all alone relieves the mental pressure and creates a sense of excitement among the practitioner which is very helpful to remove the stress out of life.

4. Fishing Makes You More Expansive

Fishing is a great medium for you to get more exposed to natural life. When you start practicing fishing you get more in love with nature and start enjoying natural life and get out of modern digital life. Many people enjoy taking the shots of their catches and fishing practice and frame it. It helps your brain give time to relax and rejuvenate.

5. Helps To Decrease PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

A study made in 2009 proves that fishing may help in reducing PTSD. Participants reported 32% reduction in guilt and 30% reduction in fear. It also helps in reduction of sadness which remained even after the month of fishing retreat.

Fishing helps in making a person better as it adds up to many benefits in an individual’s life. It helps a person to remain fit as it helps in physical fitness. Further it is a good source of nutrition and it is proven that the people who practice fishing lives a little longer as they are happy and stress relieved.


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